Cotton Face Masks & Should We Wear Them?

Corrine Willis

Posted on May 21 2020

Cotton Face Masks & Should We Wear Them?


Governments are slowly easing the lockdown and stay-at-home restrictions which were put in place to reduce and slow the spread of the coronavirus. However, with the easing of these restrictions, people have questions such as – should we be using cloth face masks? Do face masks even work? And should we be asked to use face masks in shops and on public transport?

Should we be using face masks?

Some countries have already introduced mandates requiring individuals to wear cloth face masks on public transport and inside shops, particularly where limited space makes maintaining the recommended two metres social distance difficult or impossible. Which brings us to our next question.

Do face masks even work? 

Unfortunately, there is a lack of evidence from scientists to the effectiveness of face maks and their usefulness in slowing the coronavirus epidemic. However, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that individuals over the age of two should wear a cloth face mask in social situations and while in public settings.
While cloth face masks do not provide guaranteed protection for the wearer, the physical barrier provided by a face mask helps to block the droplets of saliva which are expelled when we sneeze, cough and speak. Therefore, providing an enhanced measure of protection for the wearer and those around them.
Data has proven that countries which have already implemented compulsory face mask wearing rules such as South Korea, Japan, Czech Republic and others have significantly lowered the rate of infection than countries which haven’t implemented the use of face masks on a large scale.


Should we be asked to wear cloth face masks on public transport and in shops?

As face masks serve as a tool to prevent transmission of the virus from the wearer and also protects the wearer, their effectiveness depends on everyone wearing them.

What kind of face masks should we wear?

Medical grade N95 face masks should be reserved for healthcare workers who require extra protection. However, another option is the standard disposable face masks, but they should be used only once before being thrown away. Making disposable face masks an expensive and non-environmentally friendly option.
The cloth face mask is now widely available in a range of designs and colours. These seem the best option due to being washable and reusable. Some styles also include a pocket to insert a disposable filter if you wish. We can all do our part to help lower the spread of the coronavirus and protect the people most important to us. C W Couture has a wide selection of Cloth Face Masks which will meet your needs.

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